NAZCA – Building the will for action on Climate Change


We can, we must, and we will take action on climate change

  - Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC


At the UN Climate Change Conference in Peru (COP 20, running to 12 December) governments are busy negotiating a new universal climate change agreement, and discussing ways to raise climate ambition before 2020, when the new agreement is to take effect.


The conference comes not long after the highly successful UN Climate Summit in New York in September, at which numerous climate action announcements were made by cities, companies, regions and investors. The Peruvian Presidency of COP 20 and the UN are about to launch an online portal showing the many actions that non-state actors are taking to address climate change.


On 11 December 2014, the Peruvian Presidency of COP 20 will launch NAZCA (Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Change) - a portal showing the actions that cities, companies, regions and investors are taking to address climate change. It will be introduced by His Excellency Manuel Pulgar Vidal (President of COP 20, Minister of Environment of Peru) on Climate Action Day of COP 20 in Lima at a High Level Ministerial Event.


Through demonstrating the sheer number of actions by cities, companies, regions and investors, the initiative is designed to provide momentum to the UN climate change negotiations and help give governments the confidence they need to sign an effective agreement in Paris in 2015. 


Help spread the word to ensure that these actions are properly recognized by governments, key civil stakeholders and the general public

Join the thunderclap in support of the NAZCA portal: thndr.it/12AImrA  

You can also tweet about the new portal on the day of the launch, once it has gone live. Here are three draft tweets: 

1. #wewill solve climate change. See who’s taking action by checking out new climateaction.unfccc.int website #COP20 @UN_climatetalks

2. #wewill find solutions to climate change. New website shows city & company leadership: climateaction.unfccc.int #COP20 @UN_climatetalks

3. Check out inspiring examples of #climateaction via new @UN_ClimateTalks online portal: climateaction.unfccc.int #COP20 #wewill


Please also feel free to use the carbonn infographic postcard and the UNFCCC postcard. 


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