EcoMobile City (Sustainable Urban Mobility) Agenda


EcoMobile City is eco-efficient, low-carbon and resilient. It is the key to developing greener cities and economies.

An EcoMobile city fulfills its objective of creating a more livable and accessible city by utilizing sustainable urban mobility principles to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, improvements to air quality, and increased mobility opportunities for all citizens. A key component of sustainable urban mobility is EcoMobility, which gives priority to integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options. EcoMobility comprises walking, cycling, wheeling, and passenging and, wherever possible, integrates shared mobility as an integrated alternative to personal automobile use.

ICLEI South Asia is helping cities in the region develop and create smarter urban infrastructure through an integrated approach that looks at reducing emissions and increasing the use of local renewables, at raising awareness on the implementation of green building codes, and at laying the ground for a shift to Non Motorised Transport (NMT).

Projects under EcoMobile City (Sustainable Urban Mobility) Agenda

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