City Sanitation Plan for Nellore City

• Preparation of Background understanding of the existing Sanitation status of the city
• To conduct a Capacity building workshop for ULB staff and stakeholders on aspects of CSP after finalization of the project
• Preparation of City Sanitation Task Force
• Conduct first CSTF consultation to orient the city stakeholders on the objectives, process and methodology of preparing the CSP
• Reconnaissance survey to authenticate the secondary data including information on Public Sanitation, Surface drains, Solid Waste Management, Water Supply and Waste Water Management, Slums and other households to review and use for the situation analysis
• Submission of findings of baseline situation survey to CSTF to identify priorities and critical issues
• Preparation of draft CSP for validation by CSTF
• Preparation of Final City Sanitation Plan, integrating suggestions of CSTF
• Submission of Final CSP to Commissioner
• Local Action Plan Development for one ward from the city
 Rapid Assessment of the Local situation
 SWOT analysis
 Drafting a brief note to Ward councilor regarding the results and steps to develop sustainable solutions
 Review options for sustainable solutions and develop an Action plan for the selected ward
• Launching 100% Sanitation campaign and conducting awareness programme in one ward of the city
• Coordinating all the activities of the project

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