Subnational Learning Programme: Planning to Implementation

Following a highly successful first phase of the subnational learning programme, CDKN and 5 offices of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability have successfully partnered for the second phase, running from early 2015 to late 2016. It presents an excellent opportunity to build on and enhance the learning achieved in the first phase of the partnership.

The phase II of the learning program “Moving from Subnational Planning to Implementation” will focus on how to move from planning to implementation of climate compatible development policies highlighting the activities and experiences gathered from Phase I. As part of the programme, ICLEI South Asia is providing support to the CDKN Learning Partners in developing their Inside Stories. ICLEI South Asia will also contribute to the final CDKN working paper that focuses on the drivers, barriers, and enabling conditions, for the implementation of climate compatible development.

Out of the 10 selected projects which will be built into Inside Stories and finally contribute to the CDKN Working Paper, ICLEI SA is assisting the learning partners to design the Inside Stories, based on the challenges of integrating effective disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation into development planning. The ‘Inside stories’ are case studies from developing countries showcasing their experience in designing and delivering climate compatible development. The selected projects belong to a range of countries, including India, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Belize, Jamaica, Ecuador, and South America.


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ICLEI South East Asia
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ICLEI South Asia

Project Duration: 2015 - 2016

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