Udaipur's Suraj Pole junction before and after the intervention

ICLEI intervention helps decongest traffic at Udaipur stretch

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability South Asia, along with Sandeep Gandhi Architects (SGA), recently provided some junction design improvements to the city’s Suraj Pole Junction. The activity was taken up as an experiment and supported by Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC), collector and traffic police. It is being carried under project – Supporting Smart Urban Mobility and Built Environment in Indian Cities – supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. The junction that once needed seven to eight traffic police constables to regulate the traffic is now smoothly functioning even with less manpower.

ICLEI South Asia is also involved in assisting the UMC to resolve access to the core city area: Area Based Development (ABD) and also suggest strategies to manage parking in the area. Access to the core city area is being resolved through suggesting design improvements to junctions located at eight major poles (traditional gates) in Udaipur. The junction improvement process included mapping of the junctions with activity mapping, traffic counts, local parking augmentation for all modes, public space development and total station surveys.

For providing handholding support to four cities under this project, ICLEI South Asia has been involved in preparing the technical advisory to build cities’ capacity to develop smart built environment action plans to focus on influencing smart urban mobility and smart built environment approach which can feed into ongoing efforts of smart city programme.

On May 31, ICLEI South Asia organised a workshop and shared the first set of improvement design for four junctions. The workshop included decision-making stakeholders such as key officials from the UMC, Traffic Police, Mayor, Collector and representatives from urban improvement trust and relevantauthorities in the city.
During this workshop it was decided that Suraj Pole, a major junction in heart of Udaipur, will be taken as pilot for junction improvement showcase. The pilot experiment began on June 22 and is operational for next one week for receiving views from the public.

ICLEI – South Asia and SGA were on site to assist the Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police with temporary installation at the junction as per design. The design included a roundabout and defining of street edges with spaces designated for all users such as pedestrians, cyclists and street vendors. The temporary installation was done with the help of barricades. The traffic police were instructed to guide the traffic as per the installation. The major improvement included a roundabout design which regulated the traffic and reduced the speed. The traffic lights also did not need to be functional and this also reduced the friction between the vehicles and pedestrians.

The design improvements will further need to be changed based on the pilot results. The local media and the corporation made a great effort to inform public about the pilot effort and shared their views on the same. After the successful pilot implementation, the UMC has requested the project team for a brief status report including further inputs on other similar areas in the city as well. 

Media coverage on the intervention

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