ICLEI South Asia starts on ground activities under PROMISE project

As a part of our on ground activities under the Promotion of Inclusive, Sustainable Growth and Diversity to Strengthen Local Governments (PROMISE) project ICLEI South Asia has started undertaking sector specific surveys in two of the project cities - Karnal and Ajmer.

The surveys are being conducted to capture the thoughts of various stakeholders and to understand their priority requirements. In order to promote sustainable development and inclusivity; the surveys are targeting respondents from different age groups, gender, occupation, communities, special needs etc.

Surveys in Karnal are focussing on the existence, usage and condition of public transport, intermediate public transport, non-motorised transport, parking, intelligent transport system, existing public bicycle sharing scheme and intermodal transport in the city. The survey is also focussing on the opinion of the citizens on the environmental issues due to transport, safety and security related to mobility sector in Karnal. It is targeting the students, female residents, senior citizens and shopkeepers in the study area - ward 11.

The surveys in Ajmer are targeting the household residents, scrap dealers, sweepers, rag pickers, door to door waste collection teams and the owners of shops in commercial areas in ward 60 (study are).

These surveys are focussing on the solid waste management sector and the concerns related to geographical coverage, efficiency of waste collection, segregation, waste recovery, scientific disposal of waste, cost recovery and complaint redressal for Solid waste management sector.

These surveys would be followed by the analysis and focussed group discussions in each sector. The results from these activities are proposed to be tested in the draft PROMISE Tool.

Glimpses from the surveys in Karnal

Discussions with female residents and senior citizens in the study area - Ward 11, Karnal.

Glimpses from the surveys in Ajmer

Discussions with municipal sweepers collecting waste in ward 60, Ajmer

Similar activities have been planned in the coming month for sewerage and drainage sector in Jabalpur and open spaces sector in Warangal.

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