Joint workshop held in Rajkot to assess potential for district energy systems

ICLEI South Asia, in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has organised a one-day workshop on district energy systems in cities. Organised in Rajkot, Gujarat, under the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficient in Buildings & Cities programme of the "Sustainable Energy 4 All" initiative, the workshop aims to provide technical assistance and build capacities of local governments and stakeholders in India to develop replicable modern district energy systems, particularly focusing on district cooling that can be further scaled up across the country. The event has been organised with support from UNEP, Indo German Energy Forum, Empower and Danfoss.

Before the workshop, rapid assessments were conducted for five pilot cities –Bhopal, Coimbatore, Pune, Rajkot and Thane – to understand the potential of district cooling systems in India. The workshop is being conducted to discuss the findings of these rapid assessments.

In his welcome address at the workshop, Shri Vijay Nehra, Commissioner, Rajkot Municipal Corporation, indicated that Rajkot has shown leadership in implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives and the city is now committed to piloting District Cooling Systems, under the visionary political leadership of the Honourable Mayor Dr Jaimanbhai Upadhyay.

“Without energy, we cannot progress, but the sources of energy are depleting. In Gujarat, we are adopting waste to energy systems, LED lights and solar power deployment. We are also interested in energy efficient initiatives such as the DES initiative that is being discussed now," said Shri Govind Bhai Patel, Honourable State Minister for Energy & Power, Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat, who inaugurated the workshop.

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