New at ICLEI South Asia!

If working towards a sustainable, resilient, low carbon and resource-efficient city is your passion, ICLEI South Asia is the place to be.

Meet our new sustainability champions –

Dr. Monalisa Sen
Senior Manager (Sustainability Management)

With over 14 years of experience in the fields of Biodiversity Conservation, Community Development, Enterprise Based Conservation and Restoration Ecology, Mona is now working on developing the biodiversity portfolio for ICLEI South Asia. She is chirpy and bubbly and loves travelling! On certain rainy days, while everyone else is running back in, you can see Mona taking a stroll! Also, if you’re organising a fun filled event, Mona is the person you need! Read more about Mona’s professional life here.

Md. Jubaer Rashid
Senior Project Officer (Sustainability Management), Bangladesh Operations

With around eight years of experience in the field of urban planning, development research, and geographical information system, Jubaer manages the ICLEI ACCCRN Process in various cities of Bangladesh. He is not only a sustainable champion, but also a cricket and a badminton champion! He has won many awards at school and college level. Jubaer also is an avid traveler. Read more about Jubaer’s professional life here.

Lakshmi Sahitya Rachapudi
Project Associate (Urban)

An Architect Planner by profession, Sahitya is a Project Associate for the preparation of a heritage master plan for Amaravati city, Andhra Pradesh under the HRIDAY scheme launched by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. Sahitya is also our very own Carom and badminton player, having won many awards at college level. She is also a numismatist and a philatelist with coins and stamps from different countries, few of them dating back to the 19th century! Plus, if you need any beautiful origami products, Sahitya is your person! Read more about Sahitya’s professional life here.

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