An interview with Mukund Kumar – Office and Field Assistant


How long have you been at ICLEI South Asia and what is your role here?

I have been a part of the ICLEI South Asia family since 2011. I have myriad roles here, from taking care of all bank-related issues, to submitting documents to various organisations, maintaining the office and office premises, helping with logistics for events, workshops and conferences organised by ICLEI South Asia etc. 


How has the experience of working at ICLEI South Asia been so far?

My experience has been good. Duties have definitely increased with the increase in the staff members, but I like my work and the recognition I get for it. My communication skills have improved and I have gained tremendous knowledge and experience over the past years.


What makes ICLEI South Asia a good place to work at?

I like the environment here. There is lots of flexibility and help is always there from the staff and the administration. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. ICLEI South Asia is indeed a good place to work at. 


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