Asia LEDS Partnership releases new publications, gets new Steering Committee

The Asia LEDS Partnership has released a set of case studies and issue briefs in January 2017. These resource materials have been prepared after a few months of research and a few interviews with the resource persons. The Partnership is one of the three regional platforms of the LEDS Global Partnership and is funded by USAID LEAD Program.

The case studies that have just been released include: 

NABARD Framework for Financing Mitigation Actions in the Agriculture Sector in India

Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN’s) Guide on NDC Implementation

The issue briefs that focus on particular areas of work feature: 

Bangladesh Bank’s Catalytic Green Banking Ventures

Strengthening of Countries to Manage Climate Finance Effectively by Acting as a Catalyst to Support Climate-friendly Investment Decisions (GCF)

An interview with Dr. Thomas Tang, Sustainability Director, AECOM Asia 

Asia LEDS Partnership gets new Steering Committee

Besides, the Partnership has recently elected a new Steering Committee whose objective is “to provide strategic direction to identify, design, organize, and deliver support activities to ALP members”. The Committee includes representatives from
Asian country governments; academic and research institutions; donor agencies and non-governmental or development organizations; and the private sector.

The complete list of the Committee can be found here.

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