HRIDAY cities advance towards rejuvenating heritage asset related infrastructure

Amravati, a popular heritage city in India, most known for the Amaralingeswara Swamy temple, Mahachaitya Stupa and Dharanikota Fort, all built during the second and third century BC, is now working towards improving its heritage asset related infrastructure and additional urban infrastructure, under the Government of India’s Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY). With support from ICLEI South Asia, the heritage assets in Amravati, Ajmer and Badami have been mapped, the current status of tourism and urban infrastructure around the identified assets has been assessed, the existing gaps have been identified and relevant scope of improvement to overcome these gaps has been proposed. Amravati will soon be undertaking ‘Upgradation of Approach Roads to Heritage Sites’ and ‘Development of Heritage Walk’, as recommended pilot projects; and Ajmer will be soon implementing ‘Development of Heritage Walk connecting Akbari Quila & Soni Ji Ki Nasiya’.

ICLEI South Asia, with its partners, will be playing the role of a city anchor for three cities – Amaravati, Ajmer and Badami, under the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India’s National Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY). The scheme focuses on holistic development of heritage cities. The scheme also aims to preserve and revitalise the heritage city to reflect the city’s unique character by encouraging aesthetically appealing, accessible, informative and secured environment.

The HRIDAY Yojna supports development of core heritage infrastructure projects which include revitalization of urban infrastructure for areas around heritage assets. These initiatives include development of water supply, sanitation, drainage, waste management, approach roads, footpaths, street lights, tourist conveniences, electricity wiring, landscaping and other citizen oriented services.

ICLEI South Asia’s role as a city anchor includes being responsible for planning, advising, and supporting the City Mission Directorate at the City level for successful implementation of the scheme.



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