ICLEI South Asia Provides Technical Assistance to Support Low Carbon Mobility Strategies in Delhi

ICLEI South Asia, with support from Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, aims to provide technical support to Delhi and develop strategies for improving its mobility sector for a period of one year. The project team will focus to assist the city in improving and strengthening the existing public transport with a special focus on low carbon transport including buses, improving last mile connectivity and introduction of electric vehicles.

ICLEI South Asia will also extend its support in areas like modernization and expansion of infrastructure for public transport, strengthening of bus operations and increase in the number of bus fleet and introduction of electric buses, enhancement of last mile connectivity and enhance engagement with various stakeholder involved in transport sector in Delhi.

The assistance will focus on initiating on ground activities for enhancing physical infrastructure, improving ridership of public transport, electric bus procurement, improve and organised intermediate public transport in Delhi contributing to increased ridership of public transport.

The support would also include review of documents related to transport schemes - proposed, on-going and implemented as well as development of existing baseline scenarios where required. Interactions with these departments will help in catering to their ideas, opinions and futuristic plans.

The information and opinions from various stakeholders will be actively sought and considered as part of this support.

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