Awareness Building Rally in Mongla

An awareness building rally and meeting was conducted in Mongla city on the 9th of August as part of a project being implemented with support from the Rockefeller Foundation through the Small Grants Programme that was administered by ICLEI South Asia.

The project is being implemented by the city as one of the resilience building initiatives identified by the city using the ICLEI ACCCRN Process.

The ACCCRN Project helped prepare City Resilience Strategies for 20 cities in India and Bangladesh.

A Small Grants Programme was supported by Rockefeller Foundation to provide financial assistance to implement some of the resilience interventions identified in the Strategies in some cities. It was used to to support innovative and result oriented interventions to build resilience in partner cities of ACCCRN. The cities of Kushtia and Mongla in Bangladesh received this fund to implement a pilot resilience building initiative in the city.

IAP - a toolkit for urban local governments, developed with funding from The Rockefeller Foundation to help local governments assess their climate risk and build climate resilience and develop their City Resilience Strategies was used in 20 cities in India and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh - Barisal, Mongla, Singra, Rajshahi, Sirajganj, Dinajpur and Kushtia are the implementing cities.

The city of Mongla is working to improve the Urban Drainage System to manage flood risk by incorporating climate adaptation measures. The major features of the small grant project being implemented in Mongla:

• This project is being implemented adjacent to Hazi Bahauddin Road, Ward No - 2 (East-West) of Mongla Port Municipality.
• The project is divided into two parts - construction of drain and awareness building of the beneficiaries and stakeholders.
• Construction of drain will be along a 5.5 m adjacent road and it will be for both storm water and waste water discharge.
• Awareness and training for local community to avoid littering in the drain.

In this context, Mongla city had organised a rally to generate awareness among the residents regarding prevention of littering in the drains to maintain flow in the drains that can carry the rain water away from the region.

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