ICLEI South Asia’s initiatives in Warangal city under PROMISE Project

On-ground activities under the European Union funded PROMISE project have been initiated in Warangal city, with a series of consultation meetings with the Mayor, Collector Warangal District, Commissioner Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) and other city officials.
These meetings were followed by primary surveys and focussed group discussions in Shivay Nagar - the study area which comprises of parts of ward 9, 18 and 19.
The surveys and group discussions were conducted to comprehend the ideas and requirements regarding the open spaces sector from various stakeholders in the study area. In order to have an inclusive and heterogeneous sample, the targeted stakeholders for the primary surveys included people from all age groups with a focus on people with special needs, young population, females, senior citizens and slum population. 

While the focussed group discussions were held with school children of different age groups, Old Age Associations, Retired Teachers Association, Community Welfare Association, Women Welfare Association, Self-help Group (SHG) women within the study area.

The surveys and group discussions captured views of the residents on green spaces and recreation facilities. The surveys and discussions also aimed at understanding the relationship of various factors with the current usage of parks and open spaces in the study area.
The discussions focussed on the importance of parks for different age groups, usage pattern, required facilities & services, travel time, travel distance, willing ness to pay for using parks/open spaces etc. and the perspective of the users on existing parks in the city.

The project team is now in the process of developing and sharing the outcomes of the on ground activities with the city officials and other stakeholders which would be followed by recommendations for improving access to open spaces in the city. The results of the surveys and the focused group discussions are proposed to be tested in the draft PROMISE Tool.

In the past, ICLEI South Asia has finished completing the same exercise in the other project cities under PROMISE project. 

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