Meet Tejas P Shinde, sustainability champion at ICLEI South Asia

Tejas P Shinde, Senior Engineer, Energy and Climate tells us why he thinks cities have many opportunities to address climate change and how climate is everyone’s concern

How do you think your area of work and skills have helped ICLEI in its goal of achieving better, sustainable cities?

There are many opportunities wherein cities can address climate change. With help of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, the cities have been able to access the energy conservation opportunities and latest technologies in energy efficiency. I believe that I have been able to play a considerable role in assisting the cities to accept the renewable energy and energy efficiency more confidently and with an open mind, with the help of calculated measures and steps.

How has your journey here benefited your development as a professional? If you could cite one or two examples from projects you have been involved in.

ICLEI for me has opened a complete different set of opportunities. My passion has always been to help and reach more and more people through the learning that we can acquire. Rather than adopting just a professional approach, at ICLEI, I have been able to put my heart and mind into the service. Yes, I call it a service.
During my present tenure at ICLEI, being involved in projects with multi-disciplinary approach to city problems has helped me inculcate a holistic outlook to every situation in professional as well as personal life. While working ICLEI and across regions within a country, I have been able to hone my communication skills, thereby helping me better understand the needs of a city as communicated by its residents.

How do you think a common man can contribute to the agenda of sustainability? Can it move beyond engineers, planners and other professionals working for the agenda?

Discipline begins at home, and so does sustainability. Every individual should be taught to believe that he is at the centre of climate change, and it is as much his concern as of anyone else.

A small act by an individual may not be enough to make a global impact but it can surely bring a positive change in his surrounding, community, region and in a small way, to the global family. 

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