MobiPrize 2015 – Get recognised for your innovative sustainable transport actions

UM-SMART’s MobiPrize is back, honoring New Mobility enterprises and innovators that are making the world a better place through sustainable transportation innovation! All entrepreneurs addressing transportation-related challenges and opportunities with innovative and sustainable solutions and business models (anywhere in the world) are encouraged to apply. So are government agencies that are fostering a New Mobility industry, enterprise, and innovation culture.

What’s in Store for Mobi 2015?

  • The Global Grand Mobi continues!
  • The Michigan Mobi has been expanded to include university researchers and early-stage companies developing and commercializing innovative mobility solutions in Michigan.
  • The Enterprising City/State/Nation Mobi: Last year's Enterprising City/State Mobi has been expanded to enable national governments and government agencies to apply as well
  • New Opportunity: For Connected & Automated Mobility Solutions. For 2015 the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) has partnered with SMART to create a special opportunity for companies working on technologies, applications, and/or new business models supporting connected and automated multi-modal mobility systems.
  • Introducing Mobi-x India! We are delighted to announce the launch of Mobi-x India. As a key nexus of the global MobiPrize and Platform, SMART is partnering with the Institute for Competitiveness, India to create a place for India-based innovations and ventures in the New Mobility enterprise space to be recognized, to compete, and to create positive change and economic opportunity in India and beyond.

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Click here to download MobiPrize Flyer.

The Mobi platform is an exciting cyberspace that crowd sources, connects, honors and advances New Mobility enterprises globally. Check it out at www.mobi-platform.com
For any queries please contact Komal Anand Doshi at kanand@remove-this.umich.edu

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