Integrated Urban Water Management Planning and Implementation

Integrated Urban Water Management Planning and Implementation project funded by Global Water Partnership (GWP) is being implemented in partnership with India Water Partnership (IWP) and with the support of Kishangarh Municipal Council in ward number 13 and 18 of Kishangrh city. The aim of this pilot project is to improve the catchment of the Hamir Sagar pond and Gundolav pond. Activities under pilot project on door to door segregated waste collection and management in ward 13 and ward 18 are being initiated. Till now approximately 350 bins have been distributed in the ward 13 to collect wet waste from these households.

For each ward, the initial awareness creation is primarily being achieved through group meetings. A campaign mode is adopted, using posters and pamphlets for public awareness. The project is linked with Swachh Bharat Mission and dustbins were distributed at household level to collect segregated waste and to encourage the local residents to participate in project activities. Each household in ward 13 and 18 will be covered under the pilot project and are involved in discussions to understand the importance of waste segregation for improving the water quality and local environment. Information was also provided to the local residents on Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) and importance of integration among various sectors especially water sector and solid waste.

The project has received a positive responses and support from the local residents and other stakeholders.



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