Urban Resilience and Informality: Problem Statements and Solution Baskets

With support from Misereor, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability South Asia undertook a project on climate resilience in the informal settlements in four cities of three countries (two in India, one each in the Philippines and Indonesia).

The project methodology comprised of a mix of research work to understand the present situation and develop the problem statements, and innovative thinking to develop solutions baskets, along with pilot implementation two of the four project cities. The problem statements give information about the issues faced by informal settlements regarding climate resilience. The solutions baskets provide ways and means to address these issues. 

Problem Statement: Bidhannagar, India

Solution Basket: Bidhannagar

Problem Statement: Denpasar

Solution Basket: Denpasar

Problem Statement: Nashik

Solution Basket: Nashik

Problem Statement: Quezon

Solution Basket: Quezon

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