Sensitisation Programme for Kolkata Municipal Corporation Councilors and Members of Mayor-in-Council on Climate Change

A global survey undertaken in 2008 identified Kolkata and Mumbai as among the top ten cities with high exposure to flooding under the climate change forecasts available then. The study also shows that exposure will increase in the future; by 2070, Kolkata is expected to lead the top 10 list in terms of population exposure. A detailed vulnerability assessment of Kolkata Metropolitan Area to increased precipitation commissioned by the World Bank in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, has identified specific wards within Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) that are at an increased risk of flooding.The Vision 2020 Strategy for KMC aims at achieving economic growth in a “resource efficient” and “eco-friendly” manner and to “provide social amenities, community facilities and securities to all”, amongst several other related goals. Considering the projected climate impacts, and these elements of its vision, it is imperative that the city starts taking concrete steps towards developing a low carbon and climate resilient Kolkata. For this, capacity building at the local level is the first critical step.

The aim of this project is to conduct a sensitisation programme for councilors and Members of the Mayor-in-council of Kolkata Municipal Corporation focusing on low carbon and climate resilient development of Kolkata.


The key objectives of the sensitisation programme are to:

i. To sensitise the KMC councilors and members of Mayor-in-Council on the  importance of developing Kolkata as a low carbon and climate resilient city.

ii. To enhance the target participant’s overall understanding of climate change, in terms of 

  •  The basic rationale for pursuing climate change initiatives 
  •  What are opportunities and challenges arising out of climate change 
  •  How to respond to climate change 
  •  How to encourage communities to take action on climate
  •  Dos and don’ts for ensuring success of mainstreaming climate change initiatives


The project consists of a series of workshops to be organised in each borough of Kolkata Municipal Corporation for the ward councillors and borough officers to inform them about climate change and its impacts and the role that local governments can play in addressing these impacts. For these training workshops, a toolkit is being designed by ICLEI South Asia. This toolkit consists of:

- Graphic booklet on climate change, its impacts and role of local governments

- Compendium of good practices by local governments all over the country that has replication potential

- A poster with do’s and don’ts of climate actions that can be displayed by the ward councillors in their offices

- A manifesto signed by the Mayor of Kolkata with a pledge to move towards resilience.

- A presentation specifically designed for councillors on climate change, its impacts and their role in addressing the impacts

- Guidelines for a green ward scheme that can be practised in Kolkata Municipal Corporation to encourage ward level actions on climate change and resilience building.


City Involved: 

Kolkata, India



British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata


Project duration:

August 2014 - October 2015



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