World Summit - Climate and Territories

The World Summit Climate and Territories which took place in Lyon, Rhone-Alpes' Region brought together more than one thousand participants from all over the world. As we had hoped, more than half of the participants came from 73 other countries. As was the objective, around half of the participants came from local and regional authorities; a third represented NGOs, civil society, and business; and the rest was made up of the press, academics,...

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ICLEI City Business Talks @ Metropolitan Solutions 2015

“Cities that fight climate change are the cities where people are sitting together and work with each other to find solutions. You need to get out of your box." - Alexandra van Huffelen, Vice Mayor, Rotterdam and former ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member at ICLEI Global Town Hall @ Metropolitan Solutions 2014 In a fast urbanizing world, cities need innovative solutions to increase efficiency and sustainability, effectively use...

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Launches, partnerships and commitments – ICLEI World Congress 2015 witnessed it all!

The ICLEI World Congress 2015, held in Seoul, Korea from 8-12 April, has been, as of now, the biggest forum discussing the development of urban sustainability in 2015 worldwide. The congress welcomed over 2,500 participants from over 75 countries. There were over 37 sessions, and 10 MoUs signed by ICLEI during the Congress. It has offered ICLEI members and delegates the chance to highlight their achievements, to connect with partners, and to...

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The 6th Resilient Cities Congress 2015

Resilient Cities - The Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation - is the global platform for urban resilience and climate change adaptation, hosted every year in Bonn. Resilient Cities was first launched in 2010 with the goal of connecting local government leaders and climate change adaptation experts to discuss adaptation challenges facing urban environments around the globe and forging partnerships that could have lasting...

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Spreading the sustainability color – ICLEI World Congress 2015

City representatives around the world have taken it upon themselves to make their cities more sustainable and the future of their people more secure and safe. They have the responsibility to address the current global trends and developments affecting the urban world of tomorrow. Around the globe, thousands of inspiring actions have already been taken, but there is a need to set more ambitious targets, implement more transformative actions and...

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South Asian cities collaborate towards creating a zero waste region

Click here to view the photographs of the Conference.  Mayors, Municipal leaders and myriad esteemed experts from South Asian countries – India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, were present at the International Conference on Solid Waste Management for South Asia, hosted by ICLEI South Asia, endorsed by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and the National Institute of Urban Affairs and financially supported...

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Sustainable Solutions for an Urban Future – ICLEI World Congress 2015

Happening on 8-12 April 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, the ICLEI World Congress 2015 will gather the most innovative practices and pioneering solutions of ICLEI Members and partners to demonstrate that a transition to a globally sustainable future is possible. The ICLEI World Congress 2015 will be the first in 20 years to take place in Asia following Saitama, Japan in 1995, which will enhance cooperation among its East Asian Members. Each...

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