Credit: Pixabay.com

Bio- toilets for improving sanitation facilities in informal settlements in Nashik

ICLEI South Asia in collaboration with Nashik Municipal Corporation has recently initiated implementation of the pilot project in Amrapali and Phule Nagar slums. The resilience intervention identified for the same is the establishment of bio- toilets (which is an eco-friendly mode of waste management).

This implementation is a part of Misereor funded project on Urban Resilience and Informality which was launched in January 2016 in Nashik, Bidhannagar, Denpasar and Quezon city. Detailed study of the linkages between the informal settlements and climate resilience were carried in all the four cities.

Sessions focusing on city specific problem statements and solution baskets were organised during Resilient Cities Asia Pacific 2016.Through these sessions and the intensive discussions that were carried out therein, a solution basket for each city was developed.

Based on the solutions identified for Nashik, detailed consultations were carried out with the city government officials as well as community representatives. These consultations also involved site inspection to identify the site for pilot implementation. After carrying out these detailed interactions, the resilience intervention of establishment of bio toilets was identified for pilot implementation

As a part of the project implementation, extensive awareness generation activities in these slums will also be carried out with the aim to sensitise the community members on the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene. . The letter of support from the Nashik Municipal Corporation for the establishment of the bio- toilet has been secured and implementation will be soon initiated. 

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