Few in-depth thoughts from our ICLEI pillars and REXCom members


Congratulations to ICLEI South Asia on its 10th Anniversary. I have visited your offices, met with your members and staff and talked about the urban challenges before us. Your region is one of the most critical in the world the young energy you exhibit can make the 21st century livable and sustainable. Invite new cities and citizens to join with ICLEI and become part of the sustainable solution.

- David Cadman, President 2006-2015, ICLEI


Decades of growth have transformed South Asia into a dynamic region at the cusp of perhaps greater prosperity. However, certain practices that have attended this growth are no longer tenable. To me, therefore, South Asia’s potential represents something more than just being an investment haven or emerging market. ICLEI South Asia, from the past 10 years, has been working with local governments in the region to make their journey towards sustainability attainable and easier. I would like to commend ICLEI South Asia on the work they have been doing, and the multitude of people they have managed to connect with! Congratulations on completing 10 years and good luck for the future.

- Gino Van Begin, Secretary General, ICLEI


I have been working with ICLEI South Asia and its Director, Emani Kumar, since the time it was formed! It gives me immense pleasure to witness the growth and progress made throughout these past 10 years - the continuing good work in the South Asian region, the good anchoring within the members and numerous strong partnerships with governmental institutions. Having been established as one of first regional secretariats of ICLEI in the Global South, ICLEI South Asia now also plays a leading role in the concert of ICLEI offices. Congratulations for this milestone and good luck for the many next ones.

Monika Zimmerman, Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI


I have been closely associated with ICLEI since its beginning and have been actively associated with ICLEI South Asia too. I feel proud to be a part of ICLEI 10 year Anniversary Celebrations. The only Sustainable future for the Emerging Global cities is one in which the Citizens are Happy, Healthy, Safe & Employed for their own sustainability. 

All India Institute of Local Self Government is committed to serve Cities for Urban Development and would like to join ICLEI in its mission for Climate Change & Local Solutions for Global Challenges.

- Hansa Patel, Chairperson, ICLEI South Asia


I am extremely pleased to be associated with ICLEI South Asia - Which is the South Asian branch of the world's largest organization which brings together more than 1000 cities from all over the world to work together and meet regularly to share experiences and knowledge and to establish links. 

I wish to thank ICLEI South Asia for helping my city Matale to become more sustainable and resilient and to make it a better place to live.

Hilmy Mohamed, Mayor, Matale Municipal Council, Sri Lanka


Bangladesh is a disaster prone country, both natural and man-made disasters. We are facing a lot of urban challenges. Every Local leader is committed to overcome those challenges. I believe that Municipal Association of Bangladesh (MAB) and ICLEI South Asia can find out the major indicators and formulate Action Plans to make cities sustainable, resilient, safe, healthy, smart, green and friendly. I would like to congratulate ICLEI South Asia for completing 10 years. Together we hope to do much more for our cities!

Shamim Al Razi, Mayor, Singra Municipality, Bangladesh


Barisal City is facing numerous climate change impacts like floods and water logging. We have many challenges; like green city planning, sustainable infrastructure development, environment friendly solid waste management and finally making the city adaptive. In 2012 Barisal became a member of ICLEI with the hope of making our city Resilient. Since then, we have been a part of numerous projects by ICLEI South Asia like the Urban Vulnerability Assessment and Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network. Heart congratulations to ICLEI South Asia for having completed 10 years of local action for sustainability. We hope that like us, many more cities, thorough ICLEI South Asia, move towards becoming resilient.

- Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman, Chief Health Officer, Barisal City Corporation, Bangladesh



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