ICLEI South Asia assists Udaipur & Ludhiana to tackle Urban Mobility issues

ICLEI South Asia under the project “Supporting Sustainable Urban Transport & Built Environment in four Smart Cities in India” is assisting Udaipur Municipal Corporation in building visually compelling streets between Rangniwas Chowk to Jagdish Chowk.

This is being carried out on pilot basis by making the parking areas and streets more attractive by painting the street surfaces, temple wall and a dead tree at Hemraj Akhara in a colour coordinated scheme. The painting work, which started on the 24th of October, is ongoing. It is being done by involving college students and local NGO who have agreed to collaborate in improving the city infrastructure, while the painting material is being provided by the Municipal Corporation.

Additionally, in order to tackle unorganised parking issues, ICLEI South Asia team held meetings with the local representatives, officials from Municipal Corporation and Traffic Department to identify various parking locations for two wheelers on the stretch - Rangniwas Chowk to Jagdish Chowk.

Temporary on site demarcation of spaces using white and yellow powder has been done at Bhatiyani Chohatta Market on the 10th of October. A block of 1m X 2 m for two wheelers has been created without disturbing the clear carriageway width, while few design improvisations have been done to accommodate site components.



ICLEI South Asia is carrying out similar studies in Ludhiana. The team with inputs from Municipal Corporation officials has identified various problematic junctions in the city namely Kochhar Market Chowk, Samrala Chowk, Mint Gumri Chowk - Model Town, Gulati Chowk - Model Town, Punjab Mata Nagar Chowk, Mata Rani Chowk, Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Old Sabzi Mandi Chowk and Dana Mandi Chowk.


The team has completed traffic volume surveys at peak hours for all the junctions. Activity mapping of all the junctions has also been completed by locating all the components such as electric poles, telephone poles, light poles, transformers, trees, camera poles, signal poles among other things to capture the exact condition of the junction. Parking condition and encroachment have also been assessed by counting the parked vehicles on the junctions and their adjoining roads.

ICLEI South Asia is conducting similar studies and assessments in Vishakhapatnam and Kakinada. 

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