ICLEI South Asia forms Core Group Committees in three cities under the PROMISE project

ICLEI South Asia formed core group committees in three out of the four project cities under the project “Promotion of Inclusive, Sustainable Growth and Diversity to Strengthen Local Governments” (PROMISE).

The core group committees have been formed in Karnal (19th of July), Ajmer (26th of September) and Jabalpur (17th of August) with an objective to monitor and guide the project activities in the city, facilitate interdepartmental coordination and nominate appropriate personals for trainings and exchange visits to be organised under the project. Several meetings are being held with the committee members of these cities to increase our engagement in the identified pilot areas under the project. 

Apart from this, the project team visited and held meetings in Warangal which is one of the project cities. Discussions were made with respect to open spaces sector in the city with a focus on the initiatives being undertaken such as upgradation of existing city parks, development of new parks, design guidelines adopted for developing parks, junctions and round abouts in the city, native vegetation, greening of nallahs and drains among other issues.

A similar meeting was held in Jabalpur to discuss the assessment of sewerage and drainage sector. Discussions were held on the city’s upcoming strategy for laying the sewerage lines in the city, and connecting it at the household level.

In addition to this, the engagement at the ward level under the project has been initiated in Ajmer and Karnal. The project teams in the cities are in the process of conducting meetings, surveys with the stakeholders at the ward level to understand the sector specific issues faced by the people. The team is envisaging to use the inputs received from the project cities in the draft PROMISE tool in the upcoming months. 

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