Circular development


Resource-efficient City goes beyond minimizing the use of natural resources, and is productive, competitive and sustainable.

Resource-efficient cites - often called Eco-Cities - ensure that their socio-economic development is significantly decoupled from resource exploitation and ecological impacts. They accomplish this by minimizing the required inputs of all natural and human resources within their area, including water, air, soil, nutrients, minerals, materials, flora and fauna, ecosystem services, and social and financial resources,
while avoiding their degradation and reducing waste generation. Productive cities go beyond improving the efficiency of current or future urban systems, including new cities or new urban developments, with the aim of becoming net productive systems in ecological, economic and social terms. 

ICLEI South Asia works with the national governments, local governments, the private sector and civil society groups to plan and promote efficient urban services, such as efficient water and waste water use, sustainable waste management and sustainable sanitation, thus improving health conditions, alleviating poverty and fostering the local economy.


Projects under circular development

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