Integrated Water Resources Management for Two Cities in Madhya Pradesh, India


This project has now been concluded.

ICLEI-South Asia has collaborated with India Water partnership in carrying out "Water Campaign" i.e. Integrated Water Resources Management project for two cities, Gwalior and Katni of Madhya Pradesh, India.

The Water Campaign™ established in 2001 is an international freshwater management program for local governments that aims to improve water services, quality and promote water conservation through a strategic and coordinated approach to water management. It provides councils with a tested program model, progressing through five milestones that guide participating councils through a process of local research, policy making, action plans, implementation and evaluation.

  • Milestone 1: Prepare an inventory of water consumption and identify water related issues.
  • Milestone 2: Establish goals for water conservation and improvement in water service & quality.
  • Milestone 3: Develop and adopt a Local Action Plan.
  • Milestone 4: Implement policies and actions for integrated freshwater resource management and quantify the benefits.
  • Milestone 5: Monitor and report on water consumption reductions, water quality improvements and water management initiatives.

 Funders: India Water Partnership (IWP)


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