Shakti Smart Cities Project in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan

  • The municipal corporation of Udaipur signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ICLEI-SA for hand holding support under this project. To begin with, the corporation requested inputs for resolving the junctions around the identified smart city area and provide design and feasibility suggestions for parking systems including multilevel parking structures.
  • ICLEI SA will be working with CEPT university on doing an "Assessment study on Energy saving potential in Urban Buildings” for two cities in both the states. This will ultimately provide recommendations on reducing the energy use in buildings.
  • ICLEI SA along with Deloitte would be providing assistance to the cities and prepare business models for financing technology based initiatives and infrastructure financing under the PPP basket.
  • The Jaipur Municipal Corporation requested support from ICLEI SA on different measures and best practices for multi modal integration.
  • Kakinada City Corporation has formally requested support from the project team on addressing comments by the MOUD expert group on their smart city proposal cities.
  • Recently the project team initiated discussions with TRAFI to provide multi modal transport integration on a web and app platform to Jaipur city.
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