Workshop on NBSAP- LBSAP
With support from the Kochi Municipal Corporation and the Centre for Heritage, Environment and Development, a workshop on National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan and Local Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan development guidelines was organised under the INTERACT-Bio Project. The workshop aimed to introduce the concepts of national, state and local biodiversity strategy action plans to the participants and highlight the need for the...

Understanding Nature’s Benefits in Kochi
As part of the Interact: Bio project, Dr. Julain Rode, technical expert from the project partner- UFZ (Helmontz Centre for Biodiversity) carried out a visit to the project model city- Kochi in the month of March. This visit comprised of discussions with the Mayor and other city administrators and subject matter specialists. Dr. Rode also conducted a workshop on Nature’s Benefits in Kochi. The workshop aimed at understanding how to identify...

Stakeholder consultation in Kochi
Under the German funded INTERACT- Bio project in Kochi, a stakeholder consultation was organised by ICLEI South Asia, with support from Kochi Municipal Corporation on the 27th of October, 2017. In the inaugural session, the Honorable Mayor of Kochi, Ms. Soumini Jain expressed her pleasure at Kochi having been selected as the model city for this project, from among all Indian cities. She emphasised on the need and criticality of the project for...[more] 

Communicating biodiversity conservation with schools in Kochi
As part of the INTERACT Bio project, an initiative has been commenced from October 2017, which is aimed at communicating biodiversity conservation with the school children of Kochi. Ten schools in Kochi have been selected for this initiative. A set of activities (presentation on global biodiversity hotspots and significance of biodiversity, quiz competition, inter-school drawing and bio-craft competitions and development of school biodiversity...[more]

Council of Kochi Municipal Corporation resolves to work with ICLEI South Asia for implementation of INTERACT- Bio project

The Council of the Kochi Municipal Corporation met for a special meeting on 21st August 2017 to discuss the INTERACT-Bio project in detail. The meeting was presided over by the Mayor, Mrs Soumini Jain. A detailed presentation on the project, the implementation mode and the benefits of the same was made to the councilors by ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia. The presentation was followed by an active discussion...



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