A team from ICLEI South Asia and IIED visited the city of Gangtok between 21-25 June 2016 to assess the shared learning dialogue process that has been utilised to carry out the ICLEI ACCCRN Process in the city. 

The team met with the Mayor of Gangtok Municipal Corporation, as well as several other stakeholders including councillors, representatives of NGOs, universities, various line departments such as Public Health Engineering, Urban Development and Housing Department, Science and Technology among others. The stakeholders were interviewed to assess their experience regarding the shared learning dialogue process that was used to carry out the ICLEI ACCCRN Process to develop the city resilience strategy.

The team from IIED also participated in the 3rd Shared Learning Dialogue conducted in Gangtok where ICLEI South Asia recapitulated the outcomes of the previous SLDs and the IAP process in Gangtok and identified resilience interventions and prioritised them with information from the stakeholder group.

A site visit was conducted to one of the wards identified as vulnerable through the SLD process to get an understanding of the vulnerability faced by the city. The councillor of the ward was also interviewed to understand the needs of the ward and means of including such discussions in the SLD process.

From the interviews the team has gleaned information on the learning process of the shared learning dialogues followed in the ICLEI ACCCRN Process and will develop a paper on how social learning processes can improve development outcomes such as resilience building.

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