Development of Problem Statements
Detailed study of the linkages between the informal settlements and climate resilience was carried in Bidhannagar, Nashik, Denpasar and Quezon city. Key personnel interviews and focus group discussions were carried out with the residents of the identified slums in these cities as well as with the city government officials. The problems faced by the informal settlement dwellers were classified into – physical, economic, social and governance. Based on the same, city specific problem statements have been developed which provide an insight into the present conditions with regard to the informal settlements and climate resilience. These were presented in a dedicated session in Resilient Cities Asia Pacific 2016, held in Melaka, Malaysia in March 2016.

Development of Solution Baskets

The city specific problem statements were discussed in Resilient Cities Asia Pacific 2016. Based on the outcomes of the same, along with inputs we received during the field work, another session on developing solution baskets was organised at RCAP 2016. The session saw subject matter specialists, city government officials, international experts and community representatives discuss the possible solutions. Some success stories from different parts of Asia-Pacific were also discussed. Through the session and the intensive discussions that were carried out therein, solution baskets for each city have been developed.

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