Our members

ICLEI is a membership association of local governments and national and regional local government associations that have made a unique commitment to sustainable development. More than 1000 local governments, representing nearly 86 countries worldwide, constitute ICLEI.

ICLEI is democratically governed by its Members through a Global Council.

The ICLEI Council represents ICLEI’s global Membership by way of representative democracy. It is the supreme decision-making and oversight body of the global association. The Council has sole power to amend the Charter, elects members to the ICLEI Global Executive Committee and establishes directions for the Association and adopt the ICLEI Strategic Plan.

The Council is composed of all voting members of the ICLEI Regional Executive Committees. Each Regional Executive Committee carries one vote on the Council. (Read more about Global Executive Committee)

ICLEI offers local governments and their national and regional associations Full Membership in the ICLEI Council with powers to govern the organization internationally. Membership rates are based upon the population of the local authority and its national per capita income. The payment of dues is made on an annual basis.

Besides, Associate Partnership is available to non-governmental organizations, universities and not-for-profit research institutions. The purpose of Associate Partnership is to facilitate dialogues between local governments and these partners, to provide knowledge transfer in line with ICLEI’s Mission and Charter, and an avenue for which partners can support ICLEI’s work and mandate.

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