Are Indian cities ready for non-motorised transport?

The Ecomobility Readiness Assessment project picked up steam during the past month, with the assessment tool being developed and presented to the project expert advisory team and being pilot tested in two cities. The tool - a simple, excel based questionnaire - intends to capture the readiness of cities to implement non-motorized transport projects by assessing them along 5 ‘E’s: engineering, enforcement, encouragement, education and evaluation.


Cities for the pilot testing of this tool were chosen with care. Srinagar was selected due to its unique context of being far removed from the capital, with a large number of tourists and a substantial number of walkers and cyclists. Gurgaon was chosen due to its situation as a commercial satellite city of Delhi, drawing large numbers of commuters, and most importantly, its recent and rapid development that made it a unique case to study.  read more



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