Delhi University Experts Visit Solapur Micro Catchment Area

A field visit to Solapur micro catchment was conducted by experts from University of Delhi on 26th to 27th of February under the International Development Research Centre, Canada supported IAdapt project.
Professor C. R. Babu, CEMDE, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi, Professor Emeritus and Ex-Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dr. Vijay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Delhi along with ICLEI South Asia team visited Ekrukh lake, Tale Hippargh village and Haglur village within the micro catchment.

The aim was to understand the severity of the water pollution (quality and quantity) within the catchment, select the potential sites for pilot implementation and suggest the best possible technology to reduce the pollution in Ekrukh Lake.
Professor Babu and Dr. Kumar interacted with the local officials (Gram Sevak) and residents in Tale Hippargh and Haglur villages to understand the major issues and challenges faced by local residents related to water.

Visits to major inlet and outlets points for water and waste water to the lake were conducted and three potential sites around the Ekrukh Lake for project implementation were identified.

Professor Babu suggested that Constructed Wetland (physical filters and bio filters) is the best possible solution for ecological rejuvenation of the Ekrukh Lake. He also helped in identifying some major issues affecting the quality and quantity of water in the Ekrukh micro catchment. 

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