Design Tricks Make Roads Safer for Children in Urban95 Tactical Intervention in Udaipur

ICLEI South Asia implemented a tactical intervention designed to slow down traffic for the safety of students under the Urban95 programme in Udaipur in October. The intervention was implemented at the entrance of Vidhya Bhavan Pre- Primary School in Ward 3, after a survey of the project technical team identified primary schools and day care units that open directly onto municipal roads in the area.

The Urban95 Programme of Bernard Van Leer Foundation (BvLF) aims to create healthy, prosperous and vibrant cities where babies, toddlers and their families can thrive, and to provide opportunities that can shape the crucial first five years of children’s lives. The Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) joined the global Urban95 programme in early 2019, becoming the third Indian city to do so. ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia, is providing technical support for the implementation of this programme.

The tactical intervention in Udaipur was done with colour-coordinated schemes that created interactive and visually compelling streetscape. A site analysis was carried out to study the area and interviews conducted of school teachers as well as parents to understand the changes that were needed.

Traffic calming measures such as ‘keep clear box’, ‘zig-zag lines’ and zebra crossings were implemented using thermoplastic paints. Play spaces helped to separate the child buffer/ waiting zones from the busy road, acting as natural buffers and as interactive and engaging spaces for children.

It was envisaged to involve school and college students under the guidance of UMC, BvLF and ICLEI South Asia teams, creating a sense of ownership and belonging among them. The students from Teachers Training College, Vidhya Bhavan, were part of the implementation and would receive with appreciation certificates undersigned by Hon’ble Mayor of Udaipur Shri Chandra Singh Kothari and Commissioner Shri Ankit Kumar Singh. Mr. Kothari and Mr. Singh also visited the site and appreciated the implementation.

The project technical team was invited by Superintendent of Police Sri Kailash Chandra Bishnoi, who wanted to understand the project objectives and methodology, and expressed interest in replicating the tactical intervention at other suitable locations in the city.

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