ICLEI City Business Talks @ Metropolitan Solutions 2015


Cities that fight climate change are the cities where people are sitting together and work with each other to find solutions. You need to get out of your box."

- Alexandra van Huffelen, Vice Mayor, Rotterdam and former ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member at ICLEI Global Town Hall @ Metropolitan Solutions 2014


In a fast urbanizing world, cities need innovative solutions to increase efficiency and sustainability, effectively use available data in decision making and planning, and improve the livelihoods of their inhabitants. Adequate institutional frameworks, organizational and business models are needed to implement technological solutions effectively. Businesses, as solution providers, and local decision makers from around the world are key stakeholders that need to jointly create an enabling, yet well reflected environment of policies and market conditions to promote those solutions that truly make cities more sustainable and livable. 


As the leading global association of local governments, ICLEI brings together businesses and cities for dialogues on smart and sustainable city solutions. City-Business Talks @Metropolitan Solutions, to be held on 20-22 May 2015 in Berlin, Germany, will enable participants to network and to develop partnerships and joint strategies as well as to foster mutual understanding of the supply and demand side of sustainable city solutions.


For Metropolitan Solutions 2015, ICLEI will transition from hosting its Global Town Hall event series at the trade show to focusing directly on City-Business Talks, with the new ICLEI Lounge Talks supplementing a rich conference program.


Metropolitan Solutions is the gateway event to cross-industry solutions for urban infrastructure. The trade show focuses on best-practice examples and currently available solutions for the urgent infrastructure problems faced by cities around the world. Core topics are energy, mobility and communication technologies as well as pathways to smart cities. Metropolitan Solutions also brings together a variety of specialized conferences under one roof, creating the most comprehensive global platform on smart cities and urban infrastructure.


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