At Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, ICLEI will push for a New Urban Agenda that fosters transformations across the urban world

On 16 October 2016, over 300 local and regional leaders came together in Quito to submit their joint statement towards the New Urban Agenda, the global framework for sustainable urbanization that nations will officially adopt this week at Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

This event was the third and final session of the Second World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments, the mechanism through which the local and regional government constituency has provided official input into the New Urban Agenda text. The three-part series began this past May in New York City, followed by gatherings in Bogota and Quito in October.

Specifically, the joint statement celebrated that the New Urban Agenda signals a starting point for further discussions on how to implement this new framework, aims to localize the Sustainable Development Goals, references important local sustainable development concepts and encourages frameworks for capacity building, multilevel governance and city-to-city cooperation. It also sets forth a clear commitment from local and regional governments to carry forward its ideas and principles while localizing and monitoring progress towards the New Urban Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals and other related global sustainability frameworks.

As Habitat III gathers pace in the next two days, here is a quick ICLEI guide to the event. You may also look at our briefing sheet that details the processes and events which brought us to Quito, the history behind several major themes within the Conference, and what a national level global framework on urbanization means for local and regional actors.

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