Smart City Landscape 2015 - Transpiring to the future

Due to rapid urbanisation, the urban infrastructure as on date is inadequate to meet the demands of the existing urban population and with the increased number of population migrating to urban settlements, an ardent need for re-generation of urban areas in existing cities and the creation of smart cities is there to satiate the northward demands. Future cities of India should be on the lines of smart real estate and urban infrastructure to match the global cities in terms of habitat, environment and services.

Essentially, the pillars of any city including Institutional Infrastructure, Governance, Physical and Social Infrastructure cater to the basic requirements of the denizens. In other words, a Smart City works towards ensuring the best for all its people, regardless of social status, age, income levels, gender, etc.

Smart City Landscape 2015, to be held in Delhi on 10-11 September, aims to cater to the current and pertinent issues of the industry by discussing the vital role of The Indian Government and infrastructure stakeholders while analyzing the various strategies, technological capabilities and potential considerations for implementing, developing and cementing a viable Smart City plan to objectify the plans charted out for 100 smart cities in India.

This uniquely designed summit will give you the chance to meet and network with potential buyers through various sessions, put in place, to ensure that you get the maximum return on the time and money that you invest.

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