Smart City Web Tool for Indian cities: aggregating information on smart city policies, programmes and projects

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability South Asia has recently developed and introduced a knowledge portal called Smart City Web Tool, as a part of hand holding support to Indian cities that are or will be included in the Government of India’s Smart City Mission. The Tool that has been developed with support from  Shakti Foundation and in partnership with Sandeep Gandhi Architects is a knowledge bank of existing legal framework, policies, tool kits, guidelines and best practices from state, national and international level, all placed in easy to search interactive listing format.

The Tool intends to provide smart city stakeholders an in-depth know-how of smart solutions. It comprehensively showcases case studies, project reports, laws and policies in an interactive way, through which actors can understand urban inter-linkages and their roles and responsibilities while developing Smart Cities. It sort and arrange the available information as per a selected resource sector (Energy, Water, Land, Mobility and Waste Management). and categorically arranging information to the level (building, neighbourhood or city) it best relates to.

The stakeholders and others interested in the programme can use the Tool to understand what a city requires to become a "Smart City" through three easy steps: (1) choose the sector (2) select the desired intervention – reduce, conserve, produce, or improve (3) select the level of change (building, neighbourhood, or city); as shown in the figure above. Thereafter, the search can be refined by adding the filters.

Besides, the users can enrich the Tool that is an open platform by contributing the information that exists but is not available on the Tool. Representatives of Municipal Corporations, Government Organizations, National and International NGOs, multilateral and bilateral organizations, institutions and civil society groups are invited to join and enhance the knowledge bank with their expertise.   

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