Low emission development


Low-carbon, low-emission or even carbon-neutral cities, are signposts to sustainability and global climate change mitigation.

A low-carbon city recognizes its responsibility to act. It pursues a step-by-step approach towards carbon neutrality, urban resilience and energy security, supporting an active green economy and stable green infrastructure. The local government collaborates with other levels of government on optimizing climate action through effective vertical integration. Together with other cities, low-carbon cities look to scale up their efforts, conform to global standards, report to national and global platforms, and continuously improve their performance towards low carbon, sustainable development.

Through capacity building programmes, partnerships with State Governments, expertise and technology transfer, and various tools and guidelines, ICLEI South Asia helps cities measure their energy consumption and assess their carbon emissions, supports the development of low carbon action plans, facilitates the leveraging of finances for low carbon action and encourages the use of sustainable, renewable and efficient energy in the future.

Projects under low emission development

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