Cities SHIFT: capacity building network for Climate and people friendly mobility

The project will assist cities to identify challenges and opportunities of its urban mobility system through EcoMobility SHIFT tool, so that they could shift towards more ecomobile modes of travel i.e. walking, cycling, shared and public transport. The project consists of three intervention points: performance measurement, capacity building, and global dissemination.

The EcoMobility SHIFT is a methodology designed for cities to measure the performance in urban mobility and make informed decisions based on the areas that need improvement. Upon completing the SHIFT assessment, cities will be better positioned in creating and strengthening the mobility plans through informed decision. This SHIFT tool will be used to conduct performance measurement for all project cities. One key benefit of this process is that it will engage different key actors and learn from outcomes.

The project will also strengthen institutional capacity through thematic working groups that facilitate knowledge exchange and transfer amongst project cities, existing EcoMobility Alliance cities, and with external technical partners. Learning outcomes and experiences gained will be collated and disseminated at international workshops and conferences.

Hewlett Foundation, Ecomobility Alliance

Cities involved:
Visakhapatnam and Ludhiana

Project duration:
January 2018 - December 2019



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