City Resilience Index


ICLEI South Asia in collaboration with Arup and Municipal Corporation of Shimla has created a Resilience Profile using the City Resilience Index (CRI) in Shimla. The project was undertaken in 2015 with all the support from Rockefeller foundation.

The main objectives of the CRI is to improve Shimla’s understanding of the range of systems and factors that contribute to the resilience of the city as a whole, and also to establish a benchmark from which to track the future progress of the city.

The CRI assesses resilience across four dimensions – health and wellbeing; economy and society; infrastructure and environment; and leadership and strategy. Underpinning these four dimensions, there are 12 indicators that Shimla city should strive towards in order to achieve resilience.

Cities Involved:


ICLEI South Asia

Project Duration:
August 2015- October 2015


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