Photo by ICLEI South Asia

Asia LEDS Partnership and SNI WG workshop on national and sub-national integration

The Asia LEDS Partnership (ALP) will organise a regional workshop in Bangkok along with Sub National Integration (SNI) Working Group, in June 2017. At the workshop, two representatives from each of the four chosen Asian Countries – one each from National and sub-national government – would present the status of multi-level governance in their respective country at the workshop.

The workshop will also offer:

• Training/Capacity building and knowledge sharing opportunity/sessions to enhance multilevel governance for NDC and LEDS implementation
• Recommendations and sharing of best practices to national and subnational authorities for future initiatives to improve coordination and vertical integration of policies that support climate action
The Asia LEDS Partnership, in consultation with SNI Working Group, is preparing the briefs on the status of LEDS and subnational integration for each of the eleven selected Asian Countries. The briefs would try to capture:
• The analysis of INDCs of countries where cities play key role in achieving NDC targets
• Study of infrastructure, policies and other measures in place to achieve NDC targets – with the focus on national and sub-national integration
• Best practices/examples of MLG efforts in the region to improve implementation of climate action policies

The Asian Countries chosen for the preparation of the briefs are: Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Pakistan.

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