Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development in Gangtok

ICLEI South Asia has recently initiated a project on mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into urban planning in the city of Gangtok. The project is supported by Gangtok Municipal Corporation. 

Situated in Eastern Himalayas - a global biodiversity hotspot, the city of Gangtok has been home to rich biodiversity, which is being lost due to rapid urbanisation. Through the project an assessment of the existing biodiversity and ecosystem services will be carried out in Gangtok. Through extensive consultations the critical ecosystems for Gangtok will be identified.
The project will develop a Local Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan for Gangtok. This will be in accordance with the National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan and Sikkim State Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan.
A natural asset map for Gangtok will also be developed through the project.

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