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Green Growth strategies to be developed for Indian cities


Supported by the Global Green Growth Institute and carried out by ICLEI South Asia and the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), the ‘Urban Green Growth Strategies for Indian Cities’ project will assess cities in India to identify their green growth status and potential, and simultaneously develop a series of best practices relevant to the urban development needs and challenges of Indian cities, displaying a wide range of green growth examples. 


Launched at the beginning of December, the project aims to develop a deeper understanding of green growth benefits, opportunities, and potential for economic and urban development, as well as build internal capacity on strategic planning and financing for green growth. Working closely with 12 cities all over India, and drawing from the urban expertise of both ICLEI South Asia and NIUA, ‘Urban Green Growth Strategies for Indian Cities’ will start by defining the concept of green growth in the context of Indian cities and, through the city assessments and development of best practices, lead to suggestions for practical implementation and the quantification of the benefits these green growth strategies can potentially bring to each Indian city.


The current discussion is revolving around which sectors and parameters are to be considered for the concept of green growth in the context of Indian cities, such as institutional, infrastructure, social and demographic aspects.   


If you and are interested in being part of the pool of cities that will be assessed for the case studies, write to iclei-southasia@remove-this.iclei.org 


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