Pioneering Mayors unite to galvanize climate action


At the Climate Summit 2014, Mayors from around the world marched the streets of New York and unveiled new initiatives that will catalyze climate action worldwide. These initiatives – including the historic Compact of Mayors – show the solidarity, leadership and commitment of cities to fight climate change at full speed. 


"The Climate Summit 2014 marks a new peak in the journey of globally coordinated local climate action. This journey started two decades ago with the first world meeting on climate change for municipal leaders, and is continuously progressing and reaching new heights with bolder leadership, higher ambitions and stronger solidarity. We, ICLEI, together with our cities and partners, are committed to act urgently and cooperate intensively to help ensure that we reach a meaningful climate agreement", said ICLEI Secretary General Gino Van Begin.


ICLEI, together with C40 and UCLG, launched the Compact of Mayors – an unprecedented initiative that aims to consolidate and amplify cities’ commitments to cut emissions, measure progress and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Under the Compact of Mayors, cities will report their climate commitments, actions and inventories on existing reporting platforms which will be linked to the central repository carbonn Climate Registry- the world’s leading reporting platform for local and subnational climate action. According to new research, existing city commitments alone could  reduce annual emissions by 454 Megatons CO2e in 2020 – a total of 13 Gigatons CO2e by 2050. Under the Compact, these numbers could be doubled, quadrupled or multiplied many times over.


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