Rejuvenating the Nehru Place District Centre


The Nehru Place Revitalization project began in July 2013 by ICLEI South Asia and partners with the funding support of the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. The project aims to develop a rejuvenation and reclaiming plan for one of Delhi’s prime commercial district centres, Nehru Place. With over 100,000 visitors each day, Nehru Place is the largest market for electronics and IT in the city, country and region, and is today a bustling yet rundown, congested and degrading space. The project has been divided into 3 phases with the first phase being completed as of now. Phase 1 of the revitalization project focused on understanding the issues and planning strategies for intervention in the Nehru Place area. As a culmination of the phase of study, a ‘conversation starter’ film and a book about Nehru Place have been developed. 

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