Redevelopment and Regeneration Project of Nehru Place District Centre

This project has now been concluded.


The Nehru Place Revitalization project began in July 2013 by ICLEI South Asia and partners with the funding support of the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation. The project aims to develop a rejuvenation and reclaiming plan for one of Delhi’s prime commercial district centres, Nehru Place. With over 100,000 visitors each day, Nehru Place is the largest market for electronics and IT in the city, country and region, and is today a bustling yet rundown, congested and degrading space.

The focus of the study was ascertained to be on public space improvement, through improving access and connectivity of the area within the city, parking management and area management, with different partners focusing on different aspects. The project was carefully structured as a three phase programme involving a first phase of study and broad strategy development, a second phase of implementation including detailed design development, and a third phase of branding and marketing

Initiated by Unified Traffic and Transport Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre, Delhi Development Authority the project was proposed and accepted in the 22nd meeting of the UTTIPEC Working Group –II -A (Processing & Evaluation of New Projects) under chairmanship of Engineer Member, Delhi Development Authority on 22 May 2013


iTrans , Clean Air Asia and SG Architects



Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation



2013 –2014

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