Chairperson, ICLEI South Asia
Advisor and Executive Director
All India Institute of Local Self Government
Vadodara, India

As the Chairperson of ICLEI South Asia, Ms. Hansa Patel continues to work closely with the cities and ICLEI staff to facilitate the exchange of environmental protection innovations by transfer of technology. She is also the Executive Advisor of the All India Institute of Local Self Governments where she ensures that Local Authorities in India contribute more effectively to the Urban Development process and provide better living condition to the citizens at large. At present she is the Chairperson to Develop Asian Cities for Urban Sustainability and also to Twin Cities for Linking Business and Education Awareness.


Vice-Chairperson, ICLEI South Asia
Former Director
School of Planning & Architecture (New Delhi)

Professor A.K.Maitra is an architect-Town Planner by profession. He has been involved in the field of planning and development of human settlements within environmental sustainability for more than 45 years now. He is an environment and development enthusiast and acts as a consultant for numerous government, regional and international organisations. Professor Maitra has written several books and journals too.


Executive Director
ICLEI South Asia

Emani Kumar has been the Executive Director of ICLEI South Asia since its founding in 2005. He was also appointed as Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI in the year 2013. He has more than eighteen years of professional experience on issues related to climate change policy and planning, local governance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, social accountability, systems management and auditing.

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